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Recording 101


Recording 101

I hear the question a lot.  I want to record a song.  How much will it cost?  That my friend, is a loaded question.  There are so many factors contained in “How much will it cost?”   In this series of post(s) I will explore some of the factors that go into determining how much recording a song will cost.

There are broad topics that need to be addressed when identifying the cost of recording.  They are:

  1. Song
    1. Recording a “cover” meaning the rendition of a song already recorded by another group or person
    2. Original song…first time song has been recorded by anyone
    3. Mechanical Rights (words)
  2. Music
    1. Purchasing a “karaoke” track
    2. Purchasing or leasing a full master track of the “original” recording for a limited number of duplication(s)
    3. Recording the music anew with drums, guitar, bass, keyboard etc
  3. Time
    1. Track (music) recording
    2. Vocals (lead and background)
  4. Editing
    1. Refer back to #3 (Time)
    2. Pitch correction
    3. Music Overdubs…adding instruments to the music track


These are the MAJOR topics to which total cost will be derived from.  Each of these topics has numerous sub topics and factors that will eventually lead into a total cost of recording.

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